The textbooks Elementary Mathematics for Teachers (EMT)  and Elementary Geometry for Teachers (EGT) are designed to be used in conjunction with the Primary Mathematics (U.S. edition) textbooks, and many of the homework exercises refer to specific pages in the Primary Mathematics books.  After the 2008 publication of Primary Mathematics (Standards edition) books some readers, most notably in-service teachers in California, have had ready access to the Standards edition, but not to the U.S. edition books.

 These supplemental booklets delineate the changes to the texts and the homework assignments needed for readers who prefer to use the Standards edition instead of the U.S. edition.  We are making these available as free downloads:  they may  be printed for personal use at no cost by teachers and students.  They may not be sold or incorporated into any other document.

Download   "Standards Edition" homework adaptation booklet for EMT

Download   "Standards Edition" homework adaptation booklet for EGT